Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

Your Take

The Great Lunar Land Grab

Imagine your own little piece of heaven. With space. And quiet. And a crater at your doorstep. An international treaty says you can’t own property on the moon. A billionaire wants to change that. Let people vie for lunar property rights, he says, and entrepreneurs will colonize and commercialize the moon. Stick with the status quo, and China will take it all—the moon, its minerals, and the lucre to be gained from mining the place for all it's worth. Private Property on the Moon? The billionaire’s name is …

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Morning Morality: Why afternoons turn us into lazy creeps.

Afternoons. After lunch. Sleepy sometimes, maybe? Your moral compass takes a nap, too. Yes, you may be efficient, virtuous, and nice all morning. But by the time you start rummaging for that mid-afternoon Snickers pick-me-up, you’ve become a lying slug. Just because it’s afternoon. So say psychologists from Harvard University and University of Utah. In a newly published research study, they claim to have identified a phenomenon they call “The Morning Morality Effect.” The Morning Morality Effect: Why…

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How Nick Andre learned/

that writing poetry can/

get you suspended.

Nick Andre, who plays defensive end on Rittman High School's football squad, was frustrated by the record his team's compiled this season. So he took out his frustrations by... Writing a poem. No, it wasn't the greatest poem ever. "Stupid" (that's the poem's title) won't end up in poetry's hall of fame, if there is such a thing. But did they have to suspend him for it? Apparently so. Add "writing poetry" to the list of offenses--like drinking, doing drugs, running a gambling ring--that can get you …

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Zero Tolerance, Erin Cox, and Dr. Kevin Hutchinson, Ed.D.

Zero Tolerance Policy! Everybody knows what that means. So should Erin Cox have seen her punishment coming? Erin is the North Andover High School student who decided to "do the right thing." Here's what she did, according to the Boston Herald: Scrambled into her car a couple of weeks ago to give an "intoxicated" (i.e. "drunk") friend a ride home from what sounds like one slammin' party. (Although not remotely as memorable as this party.) That's all. That would be the end of the story. Except for the f…

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First they scan your brain.

Then they set their price.

You're not spending enough at Starbucks. Or Peet's. Or Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, and KFC. You're robbing those companies. And it's their fault. They're charging prices that are lower—much lower—than you're willing to pay. But don't worry: Neuromarketing will fix all that. That's right: Neuromarketing. German neurobiologist Kai-Markus Müller has figured out a way to scan your brain and turn it into a treasure map--a treasure map leading him to the "feel-good" price you're willing to pay. That's valuable …

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