Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

Your Life

Don't Make These Mistakes
College Search Roadmap:
Step Six

College Application Mistakes: A Crash Course I have three words to say about college application mistakes: Don't make them. Easier said than done? Not when you're through reading this. You see, your college application is a package. Meaning, no one part of it stands alone. Your scores, your extracurriculars, your essay, your supplemental essays, your supplemental materials, your interviews at the schools of your choice—they all work together to tell your story, and hopefully, to help you stand out. …

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Memorize anything: Five killer memory strategies

Memorize anything? Yes, you can. And it's not to late to learn how...even if you have a giant test tomorrow and, suddenly, you're supposed to memorize the information on an inch-think stack of notecards and you’re sure you’ll never remember all of it. Or any of it. Forget the fear, here's the fact: Memorization is only hard when you’re using the wrong memorization technique. Learning how to memorize, and memorize well, is as easy as figuring out how your mind works. And once you do, you ca…

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Learn to code.

Learn how to code. If you can fog a mirror, you can learn a computer coding language. You're not too old to learn, and you're definitely not too young. In fact, if you're a teen, even a tween, now is the time to start. Need a reason to get going? We've got three: Reason #1 you should learn how to code: You want a job someday. ` Art history majors may be working at Starbucks, but computer engineering majors are among the highest paid college graduates in the United States, with a current ann…

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Volunteer High: Volunteer opportunities for teens

If you’re a teenager and you’re breathing, raise your hand. Great! Thanks for volunteering! There’s always a shortage of hands, and never a shortage of needs. Which means thousands of charities and services organizations welcome your help with open arms. If you’re thinking—what with schoolwork and extracurricular activities, maybe a part time job, too—that you don’t have time to add a volunteer commitment to the mix, get this: Teenage volunteers get serious physical health benefits from their …

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Stressed? Blow off stress. By taking control of your life.

Pop quiz! Circle all that apply a. You wake up bright and early with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. b. Homework? Pfffffft. You’ve got time for that. c. You are the personification of chill. d. None of the above, and by the way, you think we're nuts. If you answered "d," you may be in high school. One study found that teenagers are nearly 50% more likely to feel stressed about their lives than their parents. Stress is nasty. You don’t need us to tell you that. But here’s the good news…

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