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What size college is right for me?

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How do I decide what size college is right for me?

A lot of people will tell you to tour colleges in your area, especially schools of different sizes, to get a feel for what size college is right for you. And that's good advice.  But there’s actually an even easier way to begin figuring out whether a small, medium, or large-sized school is the right fit.

To figure out what size college is right for you, ask yourself one easy question:

Who am I?

OK, I know that sounds like a huge question, so let’s break it down a little further.

Who are you as a high school student?

What classes do you enjoy the most? The ones that are really big and lecture-oriented? The ones in which you break up into small groups for discussion? Do you like classes where you can have close mentoring from a teacher, or do you prefer to be more anonymous?

Think about what you like to do for fun.

Do you gravitate toward all-school activities, like football games and pep rallies? Or do you prefer to start your own club, or join groups that are more intimate? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between.

If you go to a small school now, think about how you feel about an environment where you know almost everyone, and where almost everyone knows you. Do you like it? Hate it? Or, if you go to a big school, maybe you love the feeling of being part of a crowd. Or maybe you’re ready to downsize.

In other words, look at your life right now. Think about the kinds of situations where you flourish—or where you don’t do well. It really will help you figure out what size college will be a good fit.

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