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Summer Vacations College Admissions Officers Love

College Admissions Video Tip #3

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What should you do on your summer vacation?

Before you answer this question, you need to answer another question first: What’s your story?

Here’s a clue: Your story is not just that you’re an overachiever. Colleges see plenty of overachievers, and overachievers generally don’t stand out.

And your story isn’t just that you landed some totally amazing internship, because there are plenty of college applicants with one (or more) totally amazing internships on their resume.

Your story is about who you are as an individual and what you bring to the colleges to which you plan to apply.

So consider what makes you stand out. What are you passionate about? Looking over your high school resume, what are your “spikes”—the areas in which you show heavy or focused interest. The summer between your junior and senior years should be spent bolstering one of those spikes, and fostering one of those passions. Whatever you plan on doing, think of this last critical summer as an opportunity to “heighten” the ideal you.

Whether that involves an internship in a lab, a trip abroad, or even work on a business you started yourself really doesn’t matter.

As long as it tells your story, it’s college application gold.


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