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Fiske Guide to Colleges:
Why I'm in love.

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fiske guide to collegesHow do I love thee? Let me make a video.

It's true. I love Fiske Guide to Colleges. Out of the boatloads of college guides out there, it is definitely my main squeeze.

But before I get into all that, a quick heads up:

No one college is right for everyone, and neither is any one college guide. So be sure to check out my college guide roundup here. You may be surprised to find out that all college guides aren't all alike. I know I was.

Now with that said, here's why I love Fiske. Or, rather, why I love his guide. (I've never met Mr. Fiske although, if he's anything like his book, I'm sure I'd like him very much. Anyway...)

A lot of college guides—and a lot of college admissions articles you'll find on the web—focus on statistics: Percentage of students accepted, average SAT scores, best academic departments or popular majors on campus.

All of that info is good, but it can get pretty overwhelming very quickly.

Now, Fiske Guide to Colleges doesn’t shortchange you on the important statistics. It gives you handy little boxes of critical info for each school—set off to the side so you don’t miss them.

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The best of the rest...Be sure to check out my college guide roundup.

What I love about Fiske Guide to Colleges...

But Fiske Guide to Colleges also gives you each school’s story. It incorporates actual quotes from students, and research into the social dynamics, academic dynamics, and social life at each school, so a three-dimensional picture of the college emerges. I’ve never read another guide that conveys so much about a school’s personality—and that can be so helpful in determining where you feel you might fit in as a student.

The one downside to Fiske is that it certainly doesn’t cover EVERY college. It offers narratives about some of the schools in the SUNY (State University of New York) system, for example, but not all of them.

Still, Fiske Guide to Colleges is a great place to start. Even if it doesn’t feature every college you’re interested in, it will give you enough information to help you figure out what questions to ask about those schools that aren’t in the book.

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