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Meet Your College Coach

Meet Your College Coach

Questions & Answers about College Admissions, here.

Your College Coach: Jenny Sawyer. College admissions and more...College coach.” Google that phrase and you’ll get about 377,000,000 results. Just about every one of those college coaches will promise to help you polish your academic resume, boost your SAT or ACT scores, and maximize your chances for securing admission to the most prestigious college or university possible.

Some of them are very good at what they do.

But I’m going to level with you: When it comes to your college career, there’s so much more at stake than bragging rights. College isn’t just a place to learn a skill, or build a network, or even launch you on a career. It’s also a place for you to expand your sense of the possible. I know: It sounds cliché. But it’s true! College is the place where you can find yourself.

As your college coach,

my job is to work with you to identify that college or university that is going to help you make the most of your potential, the place that’s going to launch not just your career, but your epic life! Once we’ve done that—once we’ve determined the schools that are right for you—then we’ll work together to make certain these schools can see why you’re right for them.

As your college coach,

I’ll help you identify your interests, your passions. Together, we’ll find ways to turn your ideas into action—the kind that impels college admission committees take notice.

As your college coach,

I’ll work with you to identify areas in your academic record that might need extra attention, and to make sure you have the resources you need to excel on your standardized tests.

As your college coach,

I’ll stay on top of your college application process. We’ll work together to make sure your college application essays bring your admissions case file to life. I’ll be with you every step of the way as you produce an application that acts as your advocate in the admissions office.

Whether you’re a high school student about to enter your senior year, or a middle school student about to start your freshman year, it’s not too late or too early to make the most of your potential. As your college coach, I’ll help you do just that.

Questions? Contact me! yourcollegecoach@60secondrecap.com

About Your College Coach

Jenny Sawyer is the girl behind 60second Recap. Her videos on classic literature and contemporary teen-oriented titles have won praise from thousands of students, teachers, and book-lovers throughout the English-speaking world...and just about everywhere else. Jenny has been the subject of feature profiles in dozens of media outlets, such as The Boston GlobeUSAToday, and the CBS Evening News.

Jenny graduated, summa cum laude, with a degree in English from Bryn Mawr College. Her senior thesis, on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, won the college's coveted M. Carey Thomas Essay Prize. Jenny's clients achieved a 100% placement rate in this September's Class of 2019, securing admission to...

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What Clients Say

Emerson College: Your College Coach"Jenny is amazing. First of all, she's an amazing writing coach, and a college application is all about the writing. And she's an amazing strategist: She came up with a plan for me to take an interest of mine and turn it into a project that ended up getting media coverage. (I'm sure that helped my application stand out.) She's also an amazing SAT coach: My SAT writing score went up by 240 points after Jenny coached me. I was accepted, early action, to what might be the top communications program in the country. Thanks to Jenny. (Thanks, Jenny!)"

                       -- Student, Emerson College, Class of 2019

Your College Coach: New York University"The college application process is nerve-wracking for students and it's murder on parents. Jenny was a godsend, keeping us all centered, never letting us forget the big picture. She says, 'You're perfect for the college that's perfect for you,' and she means it. It informs her approach, in its entirety, to her work. She gets to know the student, she listens, then develops a strategy to capitalize on the student's interest or passion. In our child's case, it was a passion he wasn't really conscious of. And then she makes sure it all gets done, on time and in a way that, in hindsight, seems to have assured a successful outcome. Needless to say, Jenny will be supervising our next child's college application process."

                    -- Parent, New York University, Class of 2019

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