Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

Essay greatness:

Five minutes ahead

Yawn. We know the feeling. It’s late, and you’ve got an essay to write. And it's going to keep you up all night. Don't panic. In five minutes, you can be cruising to essay greatness. We're going to show you how to plan so you know where you’re going when you're writing. We're going to […]

Raise your IQ with the Dual N-back Exercise

When it comes to brain power, more is better. Good thing you’re not stuck with what you have. A team of British researchers have confirmed that you can actually increase your IQ, and that your brain will respond to this increase by changing its structure. Talk about the ultimate feat of re-programming. Where to begin? […]

Blogging is killer. Why teens should blog (after they read this)

Maybe you don’t know Tavi Gevinson. Maybe you never read about her in The New York Times. Maybe you never saw her with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. Maybe you weren’t there when Lady Gaga called her “the future of journalism.”  Maybe no one told you how Tavi started a blog about fashion, about how […]

How to do a to-do list

To-do lists don’t work. Unless you’re the kind of person who doesn’t need one anyway. (So says the Harvard Business Review, and who is 60sR to argue with them?) But what if we were to tell you that cognitive science suggests a way to blast through tonight’s homework load…using a turbo-charged to-do. What to do? […]


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