Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

Essay greatness:

Five minutes ahead

Yawn. We know the feeling. It’s late, and you’ve got an essay to write. And it's going to keep you up all night. Don't panic. In five minutes, you can be cruising to essay greatness. We're going to show you how to plan so you know where you’re going when you're writing. We're going to […]

Thesis Statements: Make your essay irresistible

A perfect thesis statement is like chocolate. Or it should be. Yes, like chocolate: Irresistible. Something that leaves people wanting more. Something they can't put down until they've finished it off. Something that leaves your English teacher unable to resist the urge to give you an A+. Are your thesis statements irresistible? You'll know how to […]

How to Write a Great Essay.
Step 2: Get a Thesis Statement.

The thesis statement is the opinion you’re going to make a case for in your essay. And you get to spend your entire essay proving that thesis—so it had better be good. But how do you write a thesis statement? How do you figure out what you want to prove? You can watch me develop an […]


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