Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

How to Get Into College
College Search Roadmap:
Step Four

How to Get into College(Without Losing Your Mind) Really, that's what this step is about. You've already determined what college is right for you. You've come up with a list of schools that might be your perfect college match. You've ranked them to your own specifications according to your own specific needs. Now comes the […]

Do this not that when you write to the admissions committee.

I got deferred from my first choice school. I know it’s a long shot, but I heard you can write a deferral-response letter to the admissions committee. So, a couple questions. When should I send it? What should I say in it? And is there anything else that might help at this point? –P.A., USA […]

Morning Morality: Why afternoons turn us into lazy creeps.

Afternoons. After lunch. Sleepy sometimes, maybe? Your moral compass takes a nap, too. Yes, you may be efficient, virtuous, and nice all morning. But by the time you start rummaging for that mid-afternoon Snickers pick-me-up, you’ve become a lying slug. Just because it’s afternoon. So say psychologists from Harvard University and University of Utah. In […]

Forbes "30 under 30":
Colleges they don't talk about.

Forbes "30 under 30" is an annual celebration of the United States' most incandescent twenty-somethings. An amazing group—inventors, artists, moguls, dreamers. Doers of the new generation. It's no surprise to find graduates of the world's most prestigious and competitive colleges within the ranks of Forbes' "30 under 30". (Forbes names 30 honorees under 30 years of age […]

Weebly CEO David Rusenko: Penn State tech titan

That gauzy publicity photo is pure Silicon Valley.  There they are, Weebly's co-founders, three college buddies with a clever idea and the right venture capital connections: They turned their dream, to help anybody build a website, into a company that has helped more than 15 million people build websites since its founding in 2006. Today, […]

Cheat your way to Harvard? Or Not?

Harvard University! Class of 2017! Representing 60 countries! Brilliant teenage minds! The best of the best! Ten percent say they’ve cheated on an exam! Seventeen percent say they’ve cheated on a paper! Forty-two percent say they’ve cheated on a homework assignment! Multiple times! Before they even stepped on campus! Oh, wait. That’s kind of messed […]

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