Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

College Loan Debt:
How Much Is Too Much?

How much college loan debt is too much? The bad news: Maybe less than you might think. Now for the good news: You can figure how much college debt you can reasonably afford, and you can do it in about five minutes. You can do it by the time you reach the end of this […]

Summer Vacations College Admissions Officers Love

College Admissions Video Tip #3 For more college application tips click here What should you do on your summer vacation? Before you answer this question, you need to answer another question first: What’s your story? Here’s a clue: Your story is not just that you’re an overachiever. Colleges see plenty of overachievers, and overachievers generally […]

College Guides: Which is Best?

A college guidebook can help you find the college of your dreams. If it's the right guidebook. My personal favorite? Fiske Guide to Colleges: I think it strikes just the right balance between opinion and facts. But you might like a college guide with a little less verbiage—or a little more flair. Great news: I’ve read them […]

College Search
Your Questions. My answers.

Your Questions: Which College Guide Is Best? How Many Schools Should I Apply To? How Should I Spend My Summer? What Size College is Right for Me? What's the Secret to a Winning College Admissions Essay?     Send your questions about applying to college to yourcollegecoach@60secondrecap.com. Or submit your question in the form below. […]

How Many Colleges Should You Apply To?

College Admissions Video Tip #2 For more college application tips click here How many colleges should you apply to? Some people will say “as many as you can!” But some colleges will charge you $80 just for the privilege of throwing your application into the pile. That can add up—fast. Yes, the college admissions process […]

Fiske Guide to Colleges:
Why I'm in love.

College Admissions Video Tip #1 For more college application tips click here How do I love thee? Let me make a video. It's true. I love Fiske Guide to Colleges. Out of the boatloads of college guides out there, it is definitely my main squeeze. But before I get into all that, a quick heads up: No […]


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