Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

Ten Books You Should Hit Before College Hits You

The sweet smell of spring. Summer beckons. College acceptances are in hand. You've endured The Scarlet Letter, you've floated down the Mississippi River with Huckleberry Finn. You really don't want to see another reading list. Ever. Oh, well. In just a few short months, you'll be cracking the books again, more books, bigger books than you ever […]

Of Mice and Men: Steinbeck's American Dream

Of Mice and Men is such a downer... Steinbeck was the most depressed person ever. What is he trying to do to us? Tragedy = no happy ending. So why are we reading this book other than to get more depressed than we already are as teenagers? –T.T., USA John Steinbeck told it like he saw it. […]

Roger Chillingworth: The Scarlet Letter's devil, you know.

I have to write a paper on Roger Chillingworth from The Scarlet Letter, but what is there to say about him? He’s the devil. Hawthorne tells the reader that like a million times. How am I supposed to fill up four pages talking about how satanic he is? Help! –P.A. USA Roger Chillingworth definitely comes […]

Of Mice and Misogyny

Curley's wife is a b*tch in Of Mice and Men. And she doesn't even have a name. I don’t get it. Did Steinbeck hate women? –E.S. USA Curley’s wife isn’t exactly Miss Congeniality. She’s a tease—and a whiner. She flirts shamelessly with the ranch hands who work for Curley’s father, angling for their attention and […]

Morning Morality: Why afternoons turn us into lazy creeps.

Afternoons. After lunch. Sleepy sometimes, maybe? Your moral compass takes a nap, too. Yes, you may be efficient, virtuous, and nice all morning. But by the time you start rummaging for that mid-afternoon Snickers pick-me-up, you’ve become a lying slug. Just because it’s afternoon. So say psychologists from Harvard University and University of Utah. In […]

Custom House Head-Case:
Why is Hawthorne such a bore?

The Custom House chapter in The Scarlet Letter is boring me out of my mind. I have no idea what’s going on or why I’m even reading it. FML. Please explain…save me…anything. --M.P. USA Has there been a single person in the history of forever who hasn’t been bored to tears by this introductory chapter […]


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