Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

How Many Colleges Should You Apply To?

College Admissions Video Tip #2 For more college application tips click here How many colleges should you apply to? Some people will say “as many as you can!” But some colleges will charge you $80 just for the privilege of throwing your application into the pile. That can add up—fast. Yes, the college admissions process […]

Fiske Guide to Colleges:
Why I'm in love.

College Admissions Video Tip #1 For more college application tips click here How do I love thee? Let me make a video. It's true. I love Fiske Guide to Colleges. Out of the boatloads of college guides out there, it is definitely my main squeeze. But before I get into all that, a quick heads up: No […]

Do this not that when you write to the admissions committee.

I got deferred from my first choice school. I know it’s a long shot, but I heard you can write a deferral-response letter to the admissions committee. So, a couple questions. When should I send it? What should I say in it? And is there anything else that might help at this point? –P.A., USA […]

College Application Essays:
30 Minutes to Great

You can write a winning college admissions essay. You have it in you. Your story is already in your head. The trick is to get it out of your head onto the page. Better still, getting it onto the page doesn't have to be much of a trick. In fact, you can be ready to […]

Holiday turkeys: College application essays we'd rather not write

This just in: Seniors vying for admission to elite colleges should jump through more flaming hoops. That’s the conclusion of the nation’s elite college admissions officers—at least by the looks of these essay prompts. Have they been designed to intimidate college applicants? Or just to amuse admissions officers? You tell us.  The University of Chicago Winston […]

College Application Fee Waivers: Just ask.

College application fees. They’re high. And going higher. Stanford University, with its $19 billion endowment, wants you to pay $90 for a chance at a slot in next year’s freshman class. Boston University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Villanova, USC, and the University of North Carolina will charge you $80 for the same privilege. George Mason […]


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