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by William Golding

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3. Plot: One-way ticket to madness

A Streetcar Named Desire Of Mice and Men George Lennie Stella BlancheWhen Blanche DuBois arrives at the New Orleans apartment of her sister, Stella Kowalski, she launches herself on a toboggan ride to madness. The plot of A Streetcar Named Desire is, first and foremost, the chronicle of Blanche’s collapse from denial, into delusion, and, finally, insanity.

It’s also the story of dependence leading to destruction. Neither Blanche nor Stella can conceive of life without the protection and support of the men who abuse them. In the end, that dependence causes the sisters to turn on each other: Stella chooses to accept the feeble defense of her rapist husband Stanley instead of risking life without him.

Poor Blanche. As A Streetcar Named Desire unspools, Williams piles on one calamity after another. No wonder she loses her mind. No wonder we started to lose ours.


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A Streetcar Named Desire chronicles one woman’s descent into insanity.
We’ll take a look at her tragic journey … coming up.

Blanche DuBois arrives at her sister Stella’s apartment in New Orleans. It’s basically a pit.
That’s pretty awesome!

Stella’s husband, Stanley Kowalski, takes an instant dislike to Blanche. We then discover that Blanche and Stella’s family estate has been ruined. Blanche is penniless. Oh yeah, and an alcoholic.

During a poker game at the Kowalskis’, Stanley flies into a rage at Blanche, and beats Stella when Stella tries to defend her sister.

Blanche’s disreputable history starts to creep up on her. Stanley taunts her with the rumors he’s heard.
That’s pretty awesome.

Things are going well between Blanche and her boyfriend, Mitch, until Stanley shares the details of Blanche’s sordid past.

Things come to a head when Stanley gives Blanche a one-way bus ticket for her birthday. To top it off, Mitch dumps her, and then Stanley takes advantage of Blanche while Stella is off at the hospital having his baby.

The play ends with Blanche, having completely lost her grip on reality, being carted off to the loony bin.
Like I said: Pretty awesome.


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