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1. Denial: Not just a streetcar in New Orleans

A Streetcar Named Desire The Great Gatsby Faded Dreams of Blanche DuBois Jay GatsbyA Streetcar Named Desire is a tragedy. Blanche DuBois—the protagonist of Tennessee Williams’  tragic tale of tragic confrontation between fantasy and reality—is, well, tragic.

Blanche is so tragic, the story is so tragic—heck, Tennessee Williams is so tragic—that if we have don’t find a way to bring a some levity to our reading of this girl’s alcohol-lubricated somersault into madness, well, we feel like we’ll start drinking ourselves.

Just kidding.

But seriously, if you think dear Blanche is alone in her struggles, you’d be wrong. 60second Recap® has the statistics on DDS—Debutante Denial Syndrome—and a special message of hope for all struggling debutantes and their families.


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The following is a public service announcement from A.S.S.D.I.D. The American Society Serving Debutantes

In Denial
I still got it. I can have any man I want

It’s an affliction that can strike at any time.
It’s tea.

Denial. Discouragement. Despair.
A lot of alliteration there, Miss VoiceOver Lady. But I bet they never called you Queen of the Voiceover.

But when it happens to a debutante…
I wasn’t just a debutante. I was THE debutante…

…we can only…
…What? Write plays about her?

…Hope and pray that it doesn’t happen to another.
Like anyone would ever play YOU in a movie.

But it does. Last year more than half a million debutantes were diagnosed with Debutante Denial Syndrome, and those numbers are rising.
But only one of them came from Belle Reve.

If you know—or even think you know—someone with DDS, help is available. Call ASSDID today. Because no one should have to end up like this.
In a sequel?


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