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The Fault in Our Stars

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Jenny's rating:

You won't like this book if:
One word: Cancer.

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  • Jeff Parsons

    Wow! Jenny! You missed the point about this book: it is about Cancer and the unique perspective that some people use to understand this disease. Sure, John Green follows his formula; who wouldn’t? It is a very successful formula for writing books that lots of kids will read and learn from. Your sixty second criticism drops the ball on this book. I thought a criticism was to help readers find the “sweetness and light” in a book. You must have read this book under unusual celestial conditions.

  • hank p

    Agree 100%, Jenny! Thanks for having the courage to speak out. “Fault in our Stars” is a cancer exploitation story written by an author who’s changed the “origin story” of his story several times. (Seriously, is John Green tuning his rhetoric to achieve the greatest promotional affect?) I find fault in “Fault”on the grounds that it is a cynical effort to milk tragedy for profit. John Green isn’t the first to do this. Nor is he the last. But that doesn’t make the whole affair any less repugnant.


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