Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

How to Write a Great Essay
Step 4: Get Smart.

note-4_vid_Supporting points need supporting examples. Good essay-writing is all about supporting examples. So yeah, you may hate me now, but this is the point in this process when you actually have to go back to the novel or poem or whatever and find those passages that are going to help you prove your points.

And mark those passages, will you? Take the time now to figure out which quotes go with each of your points. And then label them that way so you can find what you're looking for later.

One other word of advice. Try to be a little ... creative. Surprise your reader. If you can, pick examples that aren't completely obvious.  (Check out my Recaps to see how I do it.) Once you've picked your examples, you're ready for Step Five: So what?

How to Write an A+ Essay: Thesis StatementsSo many facts, so little time.

It's one thing to choose facts to support your thesis statement. But how do you choose the best facts to support your thesis statement? How do you work those facts into your essay in the most persuasive way?

It's easier than you think. In How to Write an A+ Paper: A Step by Step Guide to Acing Your Next Assignment, I'll show you how to pick the gems that others miss. You'll learn how to let the flow of your argument guide the flow of your facts, from opening sentence to conclusion...to A+.

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