Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

How to Make a Great Video
Step 3: Write a Tight Script.

If you're going to make a great video, a video that holds your viewer too the end, you're going to need to know how to...


Not your room. Or your life. Just your thoughts, at least where your video is concerned. You're going to need to know what you want to say and you're going to need to know how you want to say it ... and why. Which brings us to this Recap...

Check out 60second Recap's complete seven-video mini-series, "Write the greatest essay ever! (Or just an essay that won't put your teacher to sleep)".

Recap Resource also offers a video-based Dictionary of Terms with explanations of key literary concepts--such as metaphor, symbols, motifs--and a video tutorial on How to Make Your Own Recap-style videos. Subjects covered include picking your topic, focusing your presentation, writing your script, editing yourself, propsgraphics, and what to do once you're done!


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