Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz


The Awakening by Kate Chopin | 60second Recap® Decoder™ Study Guide Resources

In The Awakening by Kate Chopin the dominant metaphor is the sea.

Would you be shocked to find out that you use metaphor every day?

For example, let's say that this morning you called your little brother a pig.

Congratulations! You're a poet!

OK, that's a bit of a stretch, but when you say so-and-so is such a pig, you're using metaphor. You see, a metaphor is a comparison of two dissimilar things using some form of the verb "to be." For example, "He is a pig."

Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. 60second Recap® Decoder™ Study Guide Resource

In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad uses the deep African jungle as his metaphor for the savagery in the hearts of men.

Poets use metaphor all the time—even novelists do—because the beauty of this literary device is that using metaphor to link two things that would otherwise be completely unrelated helps to create new meanings. It allows us see things in fresh and surprising ways.

Metaphor is powerful, too, because it's compact: You can pack a lot of meaning into one little comparison.

Think about our example: He is a pig.

You could share the details of your brother's disgusting behaviors. You could list the reasons for your displeasure. But "He is a pig" gets the point across in a snap, don't you think?

Just don't let your brother hear you saying that, otherwise (metaphor alert!) you just might be toast.

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Literary Analysis 101: Dictionary of Terms Metaphor in Literature

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Motifs in Literature: Literary Analysis 101. 60second Recap

Literary Analysis 101: Dictionary of Terms Motifs in Literature

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