Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

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books for swapping #1

Posted by: zzzzzzzero   Topics: Cultural Context

Comment: I found a bunch of neat websites for trading or "swapping" books on (BookMooch, SwapTree...), I just need your help to understand how it works! If I ever DO figure it out, these are the books I would swap: ~ Zoey Dean's Talent Author: Unknown D: Cover: Paperback (sturdy cover) Pages: 288 ~ Schooled Author: Gordan Korman Cover: Paperback Pages: 208 ~ L8R, G8R Author: Lauren Myracle Cover: Hardback Pages: 274 ~ TTYL Author: Lauren Myracle Cover: Paperback Pages: 229 ~TTFN Author: Lauren Myracle Cover: Paperback Pages: 230 ~ Horowitz Horror Author: Anthony Horowitz Cover: Hardback Pages: 217 ~ My Life in Pink and Green Author: Lisa Greenwald Cover: Hardback Pages: 267 ~ I, Lorelei Author: Yeardly Smith Cover: Hardback Pages: 339 ~ Scat Author: Carl Hiaasen Cover: Hardback Pages: 371 ~ A Crooked Kind of Perfect Author: Linda Urban Cover: Paperback Pages: 210

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