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by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

Champion Cheater

liar-2It’s junior year, and one of my classmates has been cheating for three years straight. He always manages to get a perfect score, and it’s obvious to everyone else that he’s cheating. (Sometimes we’ve actually seen him cheat.) Somehow every teacher in my school is completely oblivious to what he’s up to and just thinks he’s a genius. It’s making me crazy. I want to do something. Any ideas?

--K.J. USA

cheat bookJust reading about this champion cheater made us feel a little crazy (and gave us déjà vu), so we definitely relate! Fortunately, the pen is mightier than the sword…and the cheater.

We think it’s time to start an email campaign.

Going after this kid directly isn’t going to work. You don’t want to look like you’re targeting this kid because you’re jealous of his performance. And you also don’t want to do anything that sets you up as a target.

So rally your fellow students! Start an email campaign—directed both at your teachers, and at your high school’s administration—that tackles cheating in general.

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Your message should be simple and direct: Cheating at your school is lowering morale, undermining good students, and making a mockery of education. You’re calling upon the adults in charge to do something—on behalf of the whole student body.

Remember: This isn’t about a person, but about a cause. You want to see cheating eradicated entirely. (And sure, if Mr. Champion Cheater gets taken down in the process, so much the better.)

What happens if the administration doesn’t listen?

Pick up that pen—er, keyboard—again. Write an opinion piece for your local paper. (Well, ask your parents first.) It should address the topic of cheating in high schools in general (you can find some good facts and figures on this around the web), and cite your own high school as an example of what happens when teachers and administrators turn a blind eye to cheating.

Our most important piece of advice: Throughout all of this, stay calm. You can be impassioned, but don’t be strident. You aren’t out to attack anyone, but to attack a problem. In so doing, you’ll help yourself, but you’ll also be doing the whole school a favor.

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