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Get smart. Eat smart. Brain food.

Get smart. Eat smart. Brain food.
Get oriented.
Get oriented.
Get organized
Look 'em in the eye
Sleep already
Exercise. Now.
Get blogging
Get coding
Get smart(er)
Get lucky

Study break! Those Peanut M&M’s may be calling your name, but what if you could snack on something that actually made you smarter?


Umm...probably not.

Of course, when it comes to studying, there’s no substitute for hard work (and great memorization tricks.) But there’s also no harm in chowing down on these brain-stimulating, brain-enhancing, or just generally brain-supporting snacks. Check out our list, then try adding a couple of these foods to your daily diet. They might give you more of an edge than you’d think.

Here’s looking at you, braniac.

Best Brain Foods

Chocolate.dark chocolate  n7atal7i/Shutterstock

Do we have your attention now? No, we’re not talking about the Hershey’s variety. And yes, you should still eat chocolate in moderation. But the dark stuff is rich in flavonoids, which help enhance blood flow. Better blood flow = better brain health. Better brain health = better grades. We love the fact that chocolate is a brain food. (We just wish your teachers would let you eat it in class.)

Berries.strawberries and blueberries  stock_shot/Shutterstock

Here’s another yummy brain food snack. A diet high in blueberries and strawberries has been shown by brain scientists to keep your brain happier, longer. Dump ‘em in a smoothie, or eat them out of hand. However you choose to get your berries, just make sure you’re incorporating this brain-enhancer into your regular food rotation.


Don’t turn up your nose: Broccoli has been shown to improve memory function. So if you’re cramming for a test, do it alongside a heaping bowl of the green stuff. (Hint: It’s really yummy roasted with a little salt and olive oil.) Your brain (and your belly) will thank you.

Eggs.Fried egg in heart shape served in a plate over white background. Dan Kosmayer/Shutterstock

Turns out that you can even start your day with brain food. Eggs are a good source of choline, a nutrient that’s thought to improve memory function. Feeling fried before a big test? Fry up some eggs. Or get your head unscrambled with an easy scramble. OK, we’ll stop with the wordplay. But we love how versatile eggs are—and what a difference they can make in your academic success.


We love them chopped on top of nachos. We love them more as guacamole. However you choose to eat your avocado, chow down knowing that you’re making your brain smile. Avocados have been shown to promote blood flow, which keeps your brain functioning at its peak. Now where did we put the chips…?

Almonds and Walnuts.almonds and walnuts

Yeah, we know. We said think twice before reaching for the peanut M&M’s. But almond M&M’s? It’s a match made in brain heaven. The brain benefits of chocolate plus natural mood-enhancing neurotransmitters? (That’s brain scientist codespeak for almonds.) Let’s just say that you really can have your almond M&M’s and eat them, too.

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