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by William Golding

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Is that college degree worth it? Read this, then write the check.

Is a college degree worth it? Don’t answer that. Not if you’re about to dive into the college admissions piranha tank. Pretend that you haven’t fallen for the hype. Pretend you haven’t been seduced into believing that Awesome U. is your ticket to the show. Take a deep, calming breath. And we'll answer the question for […]

Forbes "30 under 30":
Colleges they don't talk about.

Forbes "30 under 30" is an annual celebration of the United States' most incandescent twenty-somethings. An amazing group—inventors, artists, moguls, dreamers. Doers of the new generation. It's no surprise to find graduates of the world's most prestigious and competitive colleges within the ranks of Forbes' "30 under 30". (Forbes names 30 honorees under 30 years of age […]

Parisa Tabriz, Google's "security princess," talks about college

Parisa Tabriz is a hacker. She scales massifs of computer code, groping for cracks in the world's most complex software applications. She packs light: Sometimes, a laptop and a brilliant mind is enough to reduce the loftiest digital defense to rubble. Be glad that Parisa Tabriz is one of the good guys. Tabriz runs the […]

Exercise. Now.

Nag nag. You’re not getting enough exercise. Nag nag. You’re spending too much time in front of “screens.” Don’t you hate it when the nags are right? Because, statistically speaking, they are. Less than 13 percent of the teenagers in America are getting the amount of exercise recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. (That’s […]


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