Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

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Zero Tolerance, Erin Cox, and Dr. Kevin Hutchinson, Ed.D.

Zero Tolerance Policy! Everybody knows what that means. So should Erin Cox have seen her punishment coming? Erin is the North Andover High School student who decided to "do the right thing." Here's what she did, according to the Boston Herald: Scrambled into her car a couple of weeks ago to give an "intoxicated" (i.e. "drunk") friend a […]

Champion Cheater

It’s junior year, and one of my classmates has been cheating for three years straight. He always manages to get a perfect score, and it’s obvious to everyone else that he’s cheating. (Sometimes we’ve actually seen him cheat.) Somehow every teacher in my school is completely oblivious to what he’s up to and just thinks […]

First they scan your brain.

Then they set their price.

You're not spending enough at Starbucks. Or Peet's. Or Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, and KFC. You're robbing those companies. And it's their fault. They're charging prices that are lower—much lower—than you're willing to pay. But don't worry: Neuromarketing will fix all that. That's right: Neuromarketing. German neurobiologist Kai-Markus Müller has figured out a way to scan your […]

Isaac Kinde turned down Stanford and lived to tell about it

How many high school seniors turn down the chance to attend college at Stanford University for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County? At least one. Yes, Isaac Kinde turned down Stanford. He rejected a coveted admissions offer from one of the world’s great universities for a ticket to a mid-Atlantic state school. And if you’re thinking […]

Devil Teacher

There’s one teacher in my school who everyone says is the worst. My sister had him and hated him. Now I have him. I tried to have a good attitude going into this year, but he’s HORRIBLE. He’s mean to all of us and wants everyone to fail. I have to do well in this class. Any advice? […]

Weebly CEO David Rusenko: Penn State tech titan

That gauzy publicity photo is pure Silicon Valley.  There they are, Weebly's co-founders, three college buddies with a clever idea and the right venture capital connections: They turned their dream, to help anybody build a website, into a company that has helped more than 15 million people build websites since its founding in 2006. Today, […]


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