Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

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The Great Lunar Land Grab

Imagine your own little piece of heaven. With space. And quiet. And a crater at your doorstep. An international treaty says you can’t own property on the moon. A billionaire wants to change that. Let people vie for lunar property rights, he says, and entrepreneurs will colonize and commercialize the moon. Stick with the status […]

Morning Morality: Why afternoons turn us into lazy creeps.

Afternoons. After lunch. Sleepy sometimes, maybe? Your moral compass takes a nap, too. Yes, you may be efficient, virtuous, and nice all morning. But by the time you start rummaging for that mid-afternoon Snickers pick-me-up, you’ve become a lying slug. Just because it’s afternoon. So say psychologists from Harvard University and University of Utah. In […]

Memorize anything: Five killer memory strategies

Memorize anything? Yes, you can. And it's not to late to learn how...even if you have a giant test tomorrow and, suddenly, you're supposed to memorize the information on an inch-think stack of notecards and you’re sure you’ll never remember all of it. Or any of it. Forget the fear, here's the fact: Memorization is […]

College Application Fee Waivers: Just ask.

College application fees. They’re high. And going higher. Stanford University, with its $19 billion endowment, wants you to pay $90 for a chance at a slot in next year’s freshman class. Boston University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Villanova, USC, and the University of North Carolina will charge you $80 for the same privilege. George Mason […]

How Nick Andre learned/

that writing poetry can/

get you suspended.

Nick Andre, who plays defensive end on Rittman High School's football squad, was frustrated by the record his team's compiled this season. So he took out his frustrations by... Writing a poem. No, it wasn't the greatest poem ever. "Stupid" (that's the poem's title) won't end up in poetry's hall of fame, if there is […]

Learn to code.

Learn how to code. If you can fog a mirror, you can learn a computer coding language. You're not too old to learn, and you're definitely not too young. In fact, if you're a teen, even a tween, now is the time to start. Need a reason to get going? We've got three: Reason #1 you […]


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