Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

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Suicide is not the answer:

Our message to "no name"


I hate my life. I don’t have any friends and people at school are horrible. I just feel so depressed all the time. I hate myself and sometimes think the world would just be better off without me.

Nothing ever gets better. What’s the point?

— no name


James Stewart, Donna Reed. It’s A Wonderful Life

It’s hard to hear the refrain of “It gets better” (even though it does) when things seem awful today. So here’s a different refrain:

You are loved and needed, right now.

You are somebody’s son or daughter, someone’s niece or nephew, somebody’s grandson or granddaughter. You are someone’s older sibling, younger sibling, friend, babysitter, mentor, student, teammate.

You are the one who patted that mangy-looking dog on the head and made him feel loved. You’re the one who smiled at the baby, or helped the grandma in the parking lot with her grocery bag. You’re the one who dropped some change in the homeless guy’s cup, or threw a crust of bread to some sparrows.

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Not to get all It’s A Wonderful Life on you, but the world really would be different—less good, less complete—without you in it.

If you’re contemplating hurting yourself, please, PLEASE call:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Getting out of the swirling darkness of your own thoughts is often the first step toward stepping back from that ledge. You have nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about. Let yourself be loved, helped, held. You deserve it.

It’s hard to know what specific problems you’re facing that are making you feel so hopeless, but if you can find someone to talk to about them—a parent, counselor, coach, religious advisor, or friend—please do. A trusted friend or mentor can often share perspective and solutions that will help you find your way forward.

Please take care of yourself. Go for a walk in the sunshine. Curl up with your dog. Find three things to be grateful for and let them fill your heart.

Eat a good meal, listen to a piece of music that lifts you up, dig out something from your childhood that comforts you. Find a calm place, inside or out, where you can grab ahold of some peace.

Above all, please know this:

Wherever you are, we’re with you.
You are needed. You are loved.
And we promise: You are not alone.

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