Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz


Tell Your Story
College Search Roadmap:
Step Five

College Admissions: Passion vs Spin I know that terrified look in your eyes. I see it in the students I work with. I see it in their parents’ faces. It’s the fear that you don’t stand out. Or, to use the buzzword that’s circulating among college admissions officers... You’re terrified that you lack passion. No need for terror. You can stand out. And you do have a passion. Because in college admissions, “passion” is just admissions officer-speak for shaping the story of your high school career in a way t…

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How to Get Into College
College Search Roadmap:
Step Four

How to Get into College(Without Losing Your Mind) Really, that's what this step is about. You've already determined what college is right for you. You've come up with a list of schools that might be your perfect college match. You've ranked them to your own specifications according to your own specific needs. Now comes the moment of truth. Yes, my approach to the college admissions process is different than that of many other college coaches: I take a holistic approach to the college search process and tha…

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College Ranking That Matters
College Search Roadmap:
Step Three

College ranking. It's an epidemic. Everybody seems to have a special list. Even 60second Recap has its list. Sort of. But, just for now, ignore those lists. Forget about every college ranking you've seen. The only college ranking that matters is the one you've never seen. The college ranking you're about to create. Welcome to Step Three. Here's where you pare down your initial college list and rank the remaining schools in order of interest. Let’s discuss the resources that will help you do that. …

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Find Your College Match
College Search Roadmap:
Step Two

A (College) Match Made in...? Every college wants you to believe that you were meant for each other. They'll romance you like a high school crush. They’ll treat you to hats, scarves, glossy brochures. Their representatives will woo you at college fairs. They'll get current students to reach out to you, hoping to inspire you with their own experiences. They'll spend millions of dollars persuading you, and tens of thousands of others like you, that their college is your perfect college match. How do they kno…

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Which college is right for me?
College Search Roadmap:
Step One

Which college is right for me? If you're a high school senior, or you're about to become one, you may be trying to answer that question. You and everybody else. Good thing you're reading this post, because I'm about to let you in on a little-known method for answering that question....and answering it in a way that helps you get into the college that's just right for you. By researching college rankings? Nope. By asking your guidance counselor? Think again. I'm going to show you how to streamline …

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