Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

The Hired Girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

60second Recap: What's new?

60second Recap: What's new?

If you arrived here expecting something like this, you probably experienced a bit of a jolt.

We get that, too. About 60 times a day.

Such are the surprises, not all of them good, of building an entirely new web presence, from the ground up, with a little volunteer crew. Live and learn. It's been fun.

And it still is. As you'll probably find as you navigate your way through this website, it's all still very much under construction. In some ways, we're making it up as we go along, so your comments, feedback, thoughts, complaints—and, OK, praise—is eagerly sought and hugely welcome.

And if you've been here before, and now you're feeling a bit lost, allow us to get you reoriented.html under construction_Jirsak-Shutterstock

Our 60second Recap video study guides—where it all began—are all here. They've just been renamed. Now, you’ll find everything from 1984 to Shakespeare’s King Lear in the “Study Guides” section of the site. Also, once you get to the book you’re looking for, don’t forget to scroll down. We will be moving the slider with the list of 60second Recap videos up higher on the page (one of countless tweaks on the docket) but, for now, it’s down a smidge or two on the right-hand side of the page. Sorry about that.

Also, an algorithm has “alphabetized” all our book titles. (Joy.) So if you’re looking for, say, The Awakening, you’ll find it under “T” instead of under “A.” We’ll be fixing that soon.

Looking for Recap Resource? (Those are all the videos about how to write a paper, plus lit terminology you need to know for school.) Yeah, we were, too. For now, it lives at the verrrrrrrry bottom of the homepage in the Quick Links section. We’ll make that more findable—for you and for us.

Finally, our old friend "Pick of the Week" has been renamed. You'll find the vast collection of past Picks by clicking on the "Book Reviews" link in the black bar with our logo right above this post. Or, you can navigate directly to this week's review by choosing the yellow sticky tab (featuring the name of the most current review book, and the author) at the top of the page.

Now go have a look around. Write, comment, and don't forget to vote.

We're here for you. Tell us what you think!

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